One of my favorite pages to visit is called Tasty. On this site you can follow along with videos on how to make mostly anything. I have tried a couple of recipes myself, and for someone who isn’t an expert chef, I must say things turned out very well. I will post some of my creations later on in the month.  All you have to do is click on the picture above, but I must warn you… once you click on one of their videos you will get addicted and before you know it, hours would had pass by and you will be hungry. Happy watching! 🙂


Devour Washington, DC’s best food with your camera lens during the city’s Fancy Food Photo Workshop & Coaching event.

Let’s face it, food is all about presentation. Whether it’s in a swanky restaurant or a retailer in the mall, food has to look appealing to attract hungry diners.

Food photographers have carved a niche in a market that has been underserved compared to the resources you find for fashion or lifestyle photography. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the demand for photographers will increase by 10 percent through 2016, and expect the appetite for food photographers to lead the way.

Bunken Burger

Coal Ben, Benedictine University 

Not all of you know that i am a current student at Benedictine University. The campus itself has a few options when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat. Coal Ben is one of these places, all thought it can get pretty busy. Other than the lines being really long, the food is not bad. I recently tried the Bunken Burger; 1/3 pound pound burger, american cheese, bacon, fried onion strings, all topped with BBQ sauce. It is a decent sized burger for $7.19 not including the drink but it does bring a side of fries. The combination of the sweetness of the BBQ sauce and the saltiness of the onion strings gives the burger a little taste of both worlds. Although for me 1/3 pounds of burger is to much, towards the end of the burger it can get kind of dry if there isn’t enough BBQ sauce added. The fries that are given to you are what you expect to get for $7.19 some soggy, and some crispy. Over all i would give the burger a 6/10, kind of messy to eat but a good ride for your taste buds.